Pursuit Field Hockey, LLC 

    We’d also like to remind you to keep up to date on your USA Field Hockey Membership renewal dates. YOU MUST HAVE A VALID USA FIELD HOCKEY MEMBERSHIP TO PLAY FOR PURSUIT. If you are joining Pursuit for the first time and are affiliated with another field hockey club, keep in mind that the Open Enrollment Period to change your club affiliation is August 1, 2016 to October 1, 2016. This is the only time of the year to do so, so please capitalize on this window.

     We hope that this information helps you know more about us and helps you understand what our consistent offerings will be. We hope to add more as time goes on and there may be some minor changes due to number of registrants. In oder to be successful we have to have clear outlines, expectations and offerings to our athletes.

     On a side note, Pursuit will have “official” uniforms for this winter season! Not only will our skills look good but also we will look good doing them! So excited to suit up our athletes for the future pursuit!

      We will also have a Fall/Winter clothing order coming out that will be to you just in time for Christmas gifts. Doesn’t everyone on your list want Pursuit clothing?

 May the Pursuit Continue.

Winter 2016-2017

U6, U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 & U19 Indoor Field Hockey Season
     Welcome to the fast-paced world of Indoor Field Hockey! Indoor Field Hockey is a dynamic alternative to the field hockey played we’ve been playing on turf. This version of field hockey is EXTREMELY beneficial to skill development & game sense. It also provides a “mental break” from the outdoor game.  Indoor Field Hockey is played on a court surface with a 6v6 format & rebound sideline boards so the ball is always in play. Athletes learn to adapt to quicker pace of play and amplify their skill acquisition rate by competing in this sport. More information on indoor field hockey can be found on these websites:



     What does this indoor season mean for Pursuit? A whole-lotta competition, that’s what! We are looking to fill 1-2 Teams of 8 players each per age group. 1.5 hour Practices will be 1 time per week for 10 Weeks (This is a longer program) AND this program INCLUDES 4-5 Indoor Tournaments – including National Indoor Tournament playing opportunities! Practices will be held at local high school gyms and specific dates & times will be TBA once teams are filled.  Practices will be structured 45 minutes of indoor skills & 45 minutes of game play and team strategizing. If there is a large number of girls interested, there will be a play date for the coaches to scrimmage the registrants and place them appropriately on a team.

     There is an early registration date of September 1st for Winter Program. This will include a super-awesome clothing incentive for those that sign up before this date. Sign-ups however will be taken until October 1st. Please respect these deadlines as the tournaments we will be attending have very early registration dates!!

     Indoor Field Hockey also requires different equipment than outdoor field hockey. Winter Pursuits will need an indoor field hockey stick & player hand protection gloves. Court shoes/volleyball shoes are preferred, but sneakers with a good tread will do as well. Shin guards and mouth guards are expected as well.  You will need to have your equipment before the first practice in order to safely compete.

     The cost for this program is slightly more than our other programs because of the duration of time and for the tournaments we will be competing in. Program fee is $350 per athlete (that’s $87.50 per month for 4 months!!). A $125 deposit is due upon signing up and payment installments can be made along the way to make this investment easier for families. A $100 sibling discount will be honored for this winter season. We will also have a Pursuit “gift” to each participant & concluding awards ceremony.

     Pursuits winter season is $150-$200 cheaper than other Clubs, includes more playing time and has no hidden costs (example = uniforms – Pursuit will provide those to you). We encourage you to compare and see the Pursuit difference. And that’s not only in price – it’s in attention to detail and care for your athletes! We have a personal touch to our programs that doesn’t just build skill, it builds confidence in these young women.

The Jingle Ball High School & Adult Tournament
     The perfect holiday gift for our field-hockey season missing athletes! This over-the-top themed tournament will be as unique as it is competitive. The Jingle Ball will be played on the turf at The Sports Factory of NEPA on December 30th. More information will be released on this tournament shortly. All we know is that “Yule” want to get everyone you know involved! Mark your calendars. And just like Santa, make a list of your teammates and check it twice to create your dream roster! Tournament T-Shirts, Concession & Wrapped Mystery Christmas Gifts to winning teams instead of medals!

Individual & Small Group Training Sessions
     Can’t commit to the Winter Program? A U6 or U8 Athlete who still wants to play? Pursuit will have Individual & Small Group Training sessions available per request. Please contact a coach if you are interested via email.

Special Guest Clinic
    We are in the process of getting a decorated college field hockey player to hold a clinic for our U6-U19 Athletes on the turf at The Sports Factory. This clinic would be an “add-on” option requiring a sign-up for our Pursuit Athletes. With enough interest, we would be looking to schedule this option late January or early February. More to come on this one!

Pursuit Team Bonding Activity
     What winter fun will we stir up for all our Pursuits? I guess it will just blow in with the snow. More information to come on this wintery team get-together! In Pursuit of some winter fun with our Pursuit Family!

Summer 2017
     As we found out this season, Summer schedules are hard to accommodate and plan for so there will be no “official” Pursuit Program running the duration of the Summer 2017, rather we will have more short-term options for our Pursuits to still engage in.

Drop-In and Play Dates
     Will be available for all Pursuit age ranges (U6-Open) on the weekends. Drop-In Cards will also be available for purchase in case players cannot commit to the full Spring Program. Times are TBA.

Travel Tournaments
     Several Summer Tournaments will be offered up for any Pursuits who’d like to travel to tournaments for a days worth of competition. Tournaments will be posted as they become available in 2017 and price will reflect 2 practices prior to competing and the tournament.

Individual & Small Group Training Sessions
 Pursuit will have Individual & Small Group Training sessions available per request. Please contact a coach if you are interested via email.

Pre-Season Tune-Up Camp
     Pursuit Day Camp for athletes ages U14-U19. Final pump up before their school season starts. Will include sport specific conditioning, skill techniques and game principles. Tune-Upers will get a Pursuit T-Shirt and their butt kicked in gear for the season.

Pur-Suit Up, Step Up Camp
     Pursuit Day Camp for kids ages U6-U12. Will focus on fun, skill and games. Campers will get a T-Shirt, Certificate and Awards Ceremony at the end of Camp. Camp will be held in July.

Pursuit Parking Lot Party
     Back by popular demand! Pursuit will once again hold it’s parking lot party at The Sports Factory of NEPA. Dates for this Team Bonding Activity are TBA.

Hello Pursuits!
     As August rounds the corner, it starts the first ripple in the movement towards the Fall Season. Pursuit has had an exceptional summer and we’d like to thank our Pursuits for the heat they brought to The Sports Factory this summer. The turf was alive with growth (watered by our sweat) in all our athletes U6 through our College & “College Plus” Drop-Ins. We wish our College, High School and Junior High Pursuits the best of luck as the school season begins. We hope to see you pick up your pursuit in the winter. Speaking of Winter…. (We will get there in a moment)

     The last few weeks have piqued many questions among our Pursuit families and Media Contacts about upcoming programs. In order to best serve you, we’ve been working diligently to plan out, define and bring to you the best hockey programs possible at the most affordable prices that maintain our girls love of sport and growth in ability & confidence while diversifying each experience on the turf. We also know how important it is to schedule for and budget for your daughters pursuit. So here is an overview of what to expect from us for the next year. 

*** SPECIAL ***
For all Pursuit Athletes that register for Fall 2016 and Winter 2016-17 Programs a Promo Code for Harrow Sports will be emailed to your inbox to get 20% off your Fall/Winter Equipment Needs – They like what we are doing at Pursuit & want our athletes to have access to quality equipment.
See? It pays to be in Pursuit. Hard work pays off.

A link to Harrow Field Hockey is here: 

Harrow Link

Fall 2016

Best of Luck to our U14, U16, U19 & College Kids on their School Teams!

No Program Offerings will occur at this time for these age ranges.

U6, U8, U10 & U12 Fall Session
     Our youngest Pursuits will continue their journey this fall with a program that will practice 1.5 Hours each week for 8 weeks on the turf at The Sports Factory of NEPA. Practices will consist of 45 minutes Skill/Drill & 45 Minutes of Game Play/Team Strategy. This program also includes 3 “Game Days” where a regulation official will be hired to referee Pursuit v Pursuit Teams to build confidence under pressure in game situations in a fun and supportive environment – preparing them for future travel tournaments. This program will include a special Pursuit “Gift” to each player, concluding Awards Ceremony & and a trip to a high school field hockey game to learn more about the rules of game play. The 8-week program is $225 per athlete, with a $25 discount for siblings (That’s $20 per practice and includes 3 Game-Day experiences).

     This program is designed to not only prepare our young Pursuits for Tournament Play this winter, but also allow our young athletes to experience an “in-season” routine, to continue advancing individual skills in the Shoelace Hierarchy.     If an athlete would like to participate in “Game Days” but not be a member of the Fall Program, they can still participate by signing up ahead of time with the Coaching Staff via email. Cost per “Game Day” is $20 per Player.

Individual & Small Group Training Sessions

Can’t commit to the Fall Program or are in season and need help with a few troublesome skills? Pursuit will have Individual & Small Group Training sessions available per request. Please contact a coach if you are interested via email.

Team Bonding Activity – Pumpkin Party!

For Pursuits of all ages! See what we’ve got up our sleeve for this Fall to help us grow off the field together because the team that plays together, stays together. More to come on this one!

August 2016

Spring 2017
U6, U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 & U19 Spring Session
     Spring Session 2017 will be very similar to the format of our 2016 Spring Session, the change being the addition of tournament play. Age Groups will be divided to work towards skill acquisition 1 night per week and then engage in game play the 2nd night of the week. Spring Session will INCLUDE 2 Travel Tournaments & 1 Home Tournament. This program will go off the basis of the Shoelace Program Hierarchy, involve a Pursuit “gift” to each participant and have an Awards Ceremony.

Drop-In and Play Dates
     Will be available for all Pursuit age ranges (U6-Open) on the weekends. Drop-In Cards will also be available for purchase in case players cannot commit to the full Spring Program. Times are TBA.

The Tough Cookie Challenge
     It’s baaaaaaack! Grab your glass of milk and get ready to dunk into the 2nd Annual Pursuit Tough Cookie Challenge. This tournament will be included for all Spring Pursuits. Outside team registrations and outside individual registrations will be taken for all U6-U14 Teams & Players. Forms will be online closer to tournament dates.

USA Futures Program – We are trying!
     Pursuit is in the application process to host the USA Field Hockey Futures Program within The Sports Factory of NEPA. There is more online to fill you in on this national program but it’s a tryout process for top athletes in the area to meet, train & earn playing opportunities that get them seen and noticed at the “next level.” This program is the beginning stages of the Olympic pipeline and follows a specific curriculum with qualified coaches. More to come on this offering as soon as it becomes available!