Pursuit Field Hockey, LLC

Cooks Up Some Sweet Competition Hosting it’s 1st Annual Tournament, The Tough Cookie Challenge!

In the Cookie of Life, Field Hockey’s as Sweet as the Chocolate Chips.

     What’s better than a warm plate of cookies and cool drink of milk to sweeten up your mood? Nothing right? Well Pursuit Field Hockey managed to put the Keebler Elves Factory to shame, as we filled our home, The Sports Factory of NEPA, with Ginger Snaps, Sugar Cookies, Macaroons, Oreos, Snickerdoodles, Oatmeal Raisins, Fortune Cookies and Chocolate Chips. It was the recipe for a successful day, as our athletes were in hot pursuit of the edible confectionary-cavity-causing crowned prize of chocolate chip cookie medals!

     The Tough Cookie Challenge of 2016 consisted of two age divisions U6/U8 and U10/U12. Teams round-robined each other throughout the course of the afternoon. Regulation PIAA Official, Jim McHugh, called the shots on the field and gave some of our Pursuits their first “official” taste of competition.

     Experienced and decorated local field hockey standouts volunteered their time and coached the Tough Cookie Teams. Pursuit would like to take a moment to introduce the teams and their coaches to you, because their skills were pretty scrumptious!

     In the U6/U8 Division Bailey Martin coached the Gingersnaps, consisting of Alex Eisele, Cailyn Bunting & Kimber Gustafson. Coach Bailey attends and plays for the LIU Post Pioneers of Long Island, NY. She plays both Midfield & Defense at the collegiate level and started her Freshman Year. Bailey was also an All-Star High School Player & All-State Nominiee, holding several Top Ten School Records for her high school. Bailey helped lead her team to it’s first ever District Championship appearance, NIT appearance, best-record in school history and served as a Team Captain. Alex Eisele showed spunk, stickwork & a bright future in the game. Cailyn Bunting was a consistent, dependable, give 100% addition to the team offense. Kimber Gustafson stayed low, blocked, passed in her debut as a Pursuit athlete.

      The Macaroons were coached by Mary Martin and were comprised of Jaydan Beisner, Molly Diehl and Chloee Spry. Mary Martin attends Dickinson College where she anchors her collegiate basketball team from the guard position. Mary has started on the basketball team there since her freshman year, earning Centennial Conference Conference All Star nods & Centennial Conference Rookie of the Year Award. But during her Field Hockey career in High School, Mary helped captain her team to it’s first ever District Championship appearance, NIT appearance, best-record in school history and 2nd All-Time leading scorer (overall and single season) in school field hockey history.. Jaydan Beisner was focused, highly skilled and had winning on her mind. Molly Diehl was the teams heavy hitter bringing power with her passing ability. Chloee Spry hustled, stayed determined and was mixing it up on the turf for her team.

     The Snickerdoodles were coached by Megan Benson. Megan plays Division 1 Field Hockey at American University at the Center Midfield Position. Megan started for the Eagles as a Freshman and was an All-State, All-Star and All-Conference player in High School, holding several #1 School Records. Megan helped lead her team to it’s first ever District Championship appearance, NIT appearance, best-record in school history and served as a Team Captain.. Megan Megan’s young team was made up of Hailey Brady, Kenna Beisner, Saige Dunn-Olver and Avi Spry.. Hailey Brady showed off some slick stick skills and offensive gusto. Kenna Beisner was feisty and ready-to-rumble with the opposition. Saige Dunn-Olver was versatile from defense to offense making every effort to help her team. Avi Spry picked up a stick and joined the Pursuit that day for the first time. She was a natural!

Final Standings for the U6/U8 Division:
1st Place = The Macaroons
2nd Place = The Gingersnaps
3rd Place = The Snickerdoodles
Congratulations to our youngest Pursuits! Their journey has t-dough-dally just started towards field hockey stardom!

     In the U10/U12 Division, the Sugar Cookies were coached by Brianna Potter. Brianna is the current varsity high school goalkeeper for Honesdale High School. In her young career, Bri plays club field hockey for Electric Surge and has been selected to represent our area in the Keystone State Games in the Commonwealth Division. Coach Brianna was joined by Claire Campen, Sarah Gallagher, Rowan Murray, Hailey Wiglet and Bri Cobourn. Claire Campen frazzled and dazzled the opposition with her sweet moves that cut through the defense like butter. Sarah Gallagher took a moment to play outside the goal cage and get her fantastic-field-game on! Rowan Murray charged the offensive line with aggressive shots on cage. Hailey Wiglet was poised, yet intense on the defensive end and made some big plays. Bri Cobourn showed what being tiny yet mighty is all about toughing out a few bumps to the hand and going hard for the team!

     Megan Benson coached her second team, The Oreos, consisting of Rozlyn Maciejewski, Katie Gunuskey, Amaya Yarrish, Chloe Rogers and Lexy Korb. Rozlyn Maciejewski was versatile on the field using her experience & hard hit to open up the field. Katie Gunuskey changed her name to “Spin Move Gunuskey” after the tournament, showing off a smooth dodging style. Amaya Yarrish’s athleticism and drive yielded consistency that powered her team all day long. Chloe Rogers defensively stepped to the ball and was a catalyst for transition plays. Lexy Korb put on a show at the outside forward spot, covering ground & creating offensive opportunities.

     The Oatmeal Raisins were mentored by Mary Martin. Uniting for the day were Katie Corcoran, Jillian Hoey, Klayre Yarrish, Jordyn Noble and Rory Steeleman. Katie Corcoran showed class, smarts and mad skill on the turf for her team anchoring its core. Speedy Jillian Hoey provided one offensive surge after another for the Oatmeal Raisins. Klayre Yarrish was calm, cool, collected and dangerous to her opponents. Jordyn Noble hustled and bustled her way from play to play, making every effort count. Rory Steeleman played hard in the backfield, blocking trys at her goal from the other team.

     Rounding the division out were the Fortune Cookies, coached by Bailey Martin. Hoping for “good fortune” that day on the turf were Greysen Mayers, Mychaela Cobourn, Rozalyn Mikulak, Miranda Roegener and Abby Price. Greysen Mayers used her reach, experience and eye for the cage to connect with the backboard goals for her team. Mychaela Cobourn was an all-around standout from offense to defense her quiet confident play glued her team together. Rozalyn Mikulak came to party on the turf with her aggressive style and speed, she terrorized the opponent defense with her tenacity. Miranda Roegener channeled the sideline defense and created a roadblock for opponents trying to score on her team. Abby “A-Game” Price brought some intensity on the forward line, never backing down from a challenge.

Final Standings for the U10/U12 Division:
1st Place = The Sugar Cookies
2nd Place = The Oreos
3rd Place = The Fortune Cookies
4th Place = The Oatmeal Raisins

Congratulations to all our Pursuit Participants. They brought the heat to this kitchen & Cooked up some great competition!

     Just as it’s almost impossible to enjoy your cookies without milk, events like this wouldn’t be possible without the helping hands of our community. We’d like to “serve-up” some big Thank You’s to:

The Sports Factory of NEPA – Our host, our home our biggest supporter. Thank you for scheduling, aiding in planning, greeting, troubleshooting and being there for us since day one.
Woodloch Pines Inn & Resort – Thank you for donating the to-die-for, giant Chocolate Chip Cookies we used for crafting into award medals that went to every participant. You were the cause of many, ooey-gooey chocolate smiles.
Fox Ledge Water – Thank you for donating the water for the Tough Cookie Challenge. Your business always has a way of promoting health and hydration to the youth in our area. Our Pursuits “ahhhhed” in refreshment!
Watson Bros Deli – Thank you for providing fuel to our athletes throughout the day. Your homemade selections were exactly what we needed to offer quality concession. Now we know why you’ve been keeping bellies happy in Wayne County, PA for so long!
Platform Industries – Not only do they provide all our clothing needs for Pursuit, they made our special edition Tough Cookie Shirts epic. Thank you for making us look good – literally.
The Dime Bank – Thank you for donating to the event. Your sponsorship provided an amazing opportunity to young athletes giving them their first competitive experience.
Maciejewski Landscaping – Thank you for donating to the event. Your sponsorship also aided in providing a positive playing experience for our Pursuits.
Pursuit Families – Thank you for donating your treats to the Bake Sale. It’s been a treat to coach your girls and for both, Pursuit Staff is very thankful!
Manzione Family – Thank you for working the clothing sale and photographing the event. We, as always, appreciate all you do in support of Pursuit
Mychaela Johannes & Amy Potter – Than you for helping keep score and time for the tournament at our official scorers table. It was an important job, & you both kept it running smoothly!

Final thoughts on the Tournament….

     It was like an Oreo. It looks delicious on the outside and makes you excited, but it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. The sweet stuff. The rich soft stuff that really makes a statement…

     Kinda like our athletes. They look sweet on the outside, with a snappy bite at times (lol), but it’s what they are made of on the inside that counts. Getting to know their “filling” and seeing their heart, values, beliefs and goals come alive on the turf, has been rewarding to the Pursuit Coaching Staff. We look forward to cooking up some more fun in sport with our Pursuit Athletes of all ages, growing as a club and seeing our Pursuits rise into stars.

… Pursuit Field Hockey is a batch of Tough Cookies –‘Nuff said.


And that’s how the cookie crumbles…. (Pursuit style.)

2016 Wrap-Up:

Pursuit Field Hockey, LLC 

That’s a wrap!