Pursuit Field Hockey, LLC 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Club Field Hockey? What kind of club is Pursuit?
     Sport “clubs” offer additional paid playing experiences and training opportunities for athletes who would like to improve their overall ability, becoming more advanced in skill and strategy. It should be considered a scheduled & structured time dedicated to improvement. Specifically in the sport of field hockey, they have taken over the team camps of previous years to get better and are very popular all across the country, in all types of athletic endeavors.
     Clubs vary in type too. Some require tryouts, some require travel, some are age specific, some have specific philosophies for athlete development, some are labeled “premier” or “select” (aiming for training top athletes only) and some offer clinical training throughout the year, without travel. Some clubs vary in duration of programs, with year-long memberships to seasonal memberships. Most clubs will ask that you sign a player contract, showing your allegiance to that particular club for that specified amount of time.
   Most importantly, it is to be understood that club teams are training options outside of your child’s school team, are not affiliated with school programs and do not guarantee playing time at your school. Players in club do not come from one specific town or school, rather a range of communities who gather to focus on one thing, becoming a better player. Club members are athletes who want to be the best competitior that they can be and join a club to do the extra work to become a great player.
     Pursuit is a non-tryout club. We are an official USA Field Hockey Club. We accept athletes from U6 to College +. We aim to improve each individual player according to an age-appropriate skill acquisition hierarchy. At this time, our programs and memberships are short-term commitments offered seasonally (winter, spring, summer and fall) for all ages, along with options for individual days for Drop-In scrimmages and training sessions. Also at this time, no travel is involved. We are looking to evolve into a club that travels to and hosts tournaments once a steady following has been established. Travel programs will be an addition to what we already offer at our home in The Sports Factory of NEPA.

2. What are the advantages of Club Field Hockey? What are the advantages of Pursuit over Clubs?
     There are many benefits to participating in club field hockey. Improved ability due to more practices, games and playing time is number one. All players naturally improve just by playing and practicing more. Professional coaching is another advantage. Unlike some programs, with volunteer coaches, limited experience and resources club coaches have high levels of playing experience, coaching licensure and certifications. Clubs also are comprised of athletes that “want to learn and play.” So the quality of competition is strong, as goal-driven athletes constantly compete against one another. Values of sportsmanship, conditioning, goal attainment, love of sport, friendship and encouragement are also parts of the club process.
     Pursuit, as described in our coaching philosophy, is out for the benefit and betterment of each individual athlete. Players who join Pursuit are taking a solid route to pursue individual goals, which ultimately will help them positively contribute on their school and college teams. Pursuit monitors athlete progress through an age-appropriate skill hierarchy. Unlike some club programs who aim to prepare a team for wins in competition, Pursuit’s goal is individual improvement among our athletes. The athlete themselves is our focus, not the team. We are in pursuit of you – the best you that you can be.
     Another positive for Pursuit, is that since we are not a travel program (at this time). The cost is significantly lower than what is out there. Our athletes could train year round with Pursuit for less than what it would cost for 1 season of travel. Small group training sessions, specially designed curriculum and multi-qualified coaches is a good recipe for skill acquisition and growth.

3. What should I look for in Club Field Hockey?
     Some things to consider in club field hockey include:
- Winning games vs player development
- Playing time (guaranteed or not?)
- Club philosophy & Coaching Styles
- Price (what am I getting for my money?)

4. How can I tell if Club Field Hockey and Pursuit is right for us?
     For Beginners: If you sense your child really enjoys the sport and has a desire to learn more, we are worth “pursuing.” If your child is hesitant, take them to watch a practice, if after that, you feel you still have to “push,” it might not be appropriate for them at this time. At the beginner age, it’s most important to develop of love of sport so that they are intrinsically motivated to continue with it when they are older.
     For Players with Experience: The reason to participate in club field hockey is improve yourself and your skills at a higher level than what is available through your school program. It is for serious player who want to see growth in their game.
     For College-Bound Players: The reason to participate in Pursuit is to prepare your body and skill set for college competition. Think of it us a personal trainer that prepares (gift-wraps) the player you’ll be in college. You should focus on sport-specific conditioning and perfection of basics. Recruiting Skill videos can also be created for this type of athlete.

     For College +: It doesn’t matter how old you are, once you’re a field hockey player, you’re always a field hockey player. This sport has a special place in the heart of anyone who’s played it, making it hard to put down a stick once you’ve “gotten too old.” Pursuit offers Drop-In Dates so that you can still get a good workout in, playing the sport we all love – and you’re never “too old.”

5. Where do I find more resources on the sport?
     Please check out the Links page on our website. It offers several options for information, equipment and updates. To go to our Links Page, please CLICK HERE.

6. How do I register for Pursuit Field Hockey?
     The registration form can be printed off online and is outlined in a step-by-step process. To go to that page, CLICK HERE. The form and payment must then be mailed in to the given address at the bottom of the form.
     Prior to registering online, you must obtain a USA Field Hockey Membership to participate in Pursuit. Your USA Field Hockey Membership number is required on the form for insurance purposes. This is also highlighted on our Registration Page. To go directly to the USA Field Hockey Membership Site, please CLICK HERE. Once you obtain your USA Field Hockey Membership, it is good for one year. You do not need to renew it for any other Pursuit programs that happen within the duration of the year on your USA Membership Card.
     Registrations happen seasonally, so it’s important that you keep checking our website for offerings.

7. What is Drop-In Play?
     Pursuit Drop-In Play is just that, dropping in and playing. It’s a way for people who are not Pursuit members to still come and participate in the sport of field hockey. No instruction will be offered at this time to non-Pursuit members. Pursuit members will be offered coaching during play. It will be scrimmaging only, that is divided among age groups. Teams will be randomly picked and volunteer officials will be utilized. It’s fast. It’s fun. It’s worth it. Anyone is welcome!

8. Do I have to register for Drop-In Play?
     No. We would appreciate an email that you are attending, but it isn’t necessary. Drop-In Play costs $10 each time you attend and a waiver form must be filled out and signed (unless you are enrolled in a current Pursuit Program, it’s included in your fee – Waiver Forms only need to be signed 1 per year). Pursuit sells Drop-In Play Cards that can be purchased with a discount. These cards are available at Drop-In Play and cost $45 for 5 Drop-In Dates. Please see Becca or Grace if you are interested in a Drop-In Play Card.

9. When can my child start playing?
     Anytime! Pursuit starts offerings for girls U6 (Under 6 years of age). Kids who have started Kindergarten would be good candidates for the U6 program.
     If your child has never played before, that’s ok too. They have to start somewhere. Just because they haven’t played before and are 10 years old, for example, doesn’t mean it’s too late. Pursuit can get them started.
     Pursuit provides a positive learning environment for girls willing to improve their field hockey skills, regardless of age. They just must be willing to work and receptive to the instruction.

10. If my child participates in Pursuit, can they participate in other sports?
     Yes. It’s important for athletes to be involved in other activities for their bodies and minds.
     Pursuit is a paid choice an athlete makes, so it goes without saying that attendance is expected, but ultimately up to you. If you miss Pursuit for another sport, that is your choice and you will not be refunded for the missed training session(s).

11. What is my childs age group?
     When figuring this out for Pursuit registration forms, please use your child’s age at the start of the particular Pursuit program you are signing up for.

U6 = Under 6 years old
U8 = 6 to 7 years old
U10 = 8-9 years old
U12 = 10-11 years old
U14 = 12-13 years old
U16 = 14-15 years old
U19 = 16-18 years old
Open = 18 years, College and Beyond College

12. When does the season begin and end? What days are practices?
     Season start times will vary and could be defined, but not limited to:
- Winter will run January to February
- Spring will run April to May
- Summer will run June to July
- Fall will run October to November
     Specific practice times will vary depending on turf time availability at The Sports Factory of NEPA. Drop-In Play Dates and Day Clinics will still highlight “off” months.

13. What is covered in the Fees?
     The fee covers turf time, curriculum, uniforms, coaching, end of program award/prize, and progress monitoring throughout the program.

14. What forms of payment are accepted?
     Cash or Check payable to “Pursuit Field Hockey, LLC”

15. Do you offer promotions?
     Yes we do.
     We offer a $50 Sibling Discount (for Programs over $125) for families that have more than one daughter participating in our program.
     Special Promotions will be offered seasonally for program registrations as they approach. Please keep checking our website, Facebook and Twitter for word of these promotions.

16. If I withdraw my child do I get a refund?
     If you withdraw your child for personal reasons, we will keep your season's deposit and refund the rest. If you have to withdraw your child for a schedule conflict that is our mistake, we will fully refund your money. Missed practices will not be refunded if it is for personal reasons on your part. If practices are cancelled due to weather or coach obligations, they will be made up at an alternate date pending turf availability.

17. Will we have to have our own equipment or do you provide equipment?
     We have equipment for beginner players to borrow until they get their own equipment. It can be used for a session and then returned at the end of the session. We recommend having your own equipment, as there are so many types of sticks and shin pads that it’s important to find one that is comfortable for the player, rather than one handed to them to use. For information on choosing equipment, CLICK HERE.
     Required equipment includes an outdoor stick, sneakers or turf shoes (no cleats), shin guards, mouth guard and appropriate athletic clothing. Eyewear/Goggles are encouraged, but not mandatory.

18. Can I watch my child practice and scrimmage?
     Yes, but spacing is limited inside the facility. There are 2 bleacher sections inside The Sports Factory you can watch from and there is a lobby that you can sit in too, but the field is not viewable from there.
     Pursuit coaches ask that you do not side-line coach your child. Cheering is allowed during scrimmages but we need their sole focus during instruction.

19. Will there be a travel team?
     Eventually. Pursuit would like to gain a strong foundation in it’s players in each age group to be able to travel to tournaments and host our own within the next 2 years. If you are interested in traveling, please inform Becca or Grace.
     Travel teams have a focus on preparing a team rather than individual athletes for competition. The style of training is different. Travel teams and expenses would be additional to what is already being offered by Pursuit.

20. What if there is a weather cancellation?
     Weather cancellations will be made by the Pursuit Coaching Staff and based upon the safety of all our players. They will be posted on our Facebook Page, Twitter and our Website. As always, when in doubt, please call one of the coaches.

                                  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pursuit.fieldhockey || Pursuit Field Hockey, LLC

                                  Twitter: @PursuitFH
     It is a club program, so we do have athletes traveling from afar, so what might not be inclement weather where you are, might be severe on the other end of our Pursuit radius.
     Practices will be made up as soon as possible pending turf availability and/or tagged onto the end of the season.

21. Where do I sign up for alerts or new programs/information being posted?
     Our website is your best option at www.pursuitfieldhockey.com. Our website has a tab to join our mailing list. You can also friend us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.
     The Sports Factory of NEPA also has a website and Facebook account that supports our Pursuit Promotions. Information can be found online there or in person at the facility itself.

22. My child wants to train with a friend. Do you accept requests?
     Yes we do, within reason, such as for carpool. If your child is close in age and ability, training together shouldn’t be an issue. We have to make the call on safety first. But if this request is something your considering please talk to Becca and Grace about the possibilities we can offer. We aim to please as long as it continues to benefit the growth of our players.

23. How can I help out? Sponsorship and Donations?
     If you’d be interested in donating to Pursuit, we’d welcome the opportunity. There are equipment costs and rental fees they would aid in. Please see Becca or Grace if interested in helping our athletes purse their field hockey goals.

24. How qualified is the coaching staff? What credentials do they have?
     Pursuits coaching staff has vast experience and credentials in the sport of field hockey to educate, inspire and grow true competitors. Please check out their specific coaching bio’s by CLICKING HERE.