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When Is the Prime Time for Playing Field Hockey? 
David Bohr wrote an article for PennLive on the state of girl’s field hockey in the state of Pennsylvania. In it, he points out that a big problem with drumming up interest in the sport is that the girls start playing later in life – when they are around 12 to 13. Whereas they start participating in other sports at a much earlier age. They can kick a soccer ball around in the back yard when they are only three or four.

Because of this, they develop an interest in other sports and want to focus on those as they get older. If they started picking up field hockey at a younger age, then they are more likely to want to continue playing as they age.

While it is more common to start playing this sport in the pre-teen to early teen ages, it could be beneficial to start learning much earlier than that. The Field Hockey Forum has a thread on how old players were when they started. While there were many older responses, you will see many people in the 4-7 range.

In fact, Sports NGIN has a training manual for coaches with drills and practice methods. In it, there are entire sections of drills that are designed for young, beginning level players.

The point here is that while there is no official peak age for starting field hockey, the earlier you start, the more likely you are to stick to it (assuming you are not being forced into playing) and the better you are going to get, which also means your chances of getting on a college team are also increased.

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