#4 Sarah Gallagher

Forward, Midfielder & Defender

You make plans,

Forward & Midfielder

     On Saturday May 21, 2016 Pursuit Field Hockey Club took its first leap into the competitive field hockey circuit by assembling it’s first team to compete in the U12 Division of the Philly Turf Cup Tournament hosted by Ultimate Events & Sports in the Westchester MSI Sports Complex. This momentous first step onto turf other than The Sports Factory of NEPA, was taken with other established, prominent and well-known clubs such as WC Eagles, Xplosive, East End, Uprise, Princeton Mayheim, United, Xcalibur, State College Blue Lions and Vipers.

     Rain or shine was the mantra of the day – and it did both. Pursuit’s first team didn’t let the rain wash away their competitive spirit. Rather, they let the fire they’ve got burning inside for the game of field hockey shine through.

     Shine they did. Pursuit’s first team was comprised of up-and-coming talent traversing from Honesdale to Jim Thorpe to Hazleton. The Pursuit Team played up a division, competing against capable U12 lineups. Experience was gained and respect was earned. Regulation tournament officials commented on Pursuits poise, heart and determination. The coaches stood proud on the sidelines, knowing that the inaugural team in front of them, was going stick to stick with some of the areas best and giving them a run for their money. The program is in “hot pursuit” of a bright and ambitious future.

     The Pursuit Team went without a win in it’s first tournament, but the success of the day was not measured in the win loss column, it was measured in the contributions of each team member.

      The aggressive ladies that comprised the 1st Pursuit Team are showcased below. Their efforts have sparked “next-level” thinking, speed and drive among our club. Pursuit looks forward to what the future has in store after this historical embarkment. So much accomplished since it’s launch in January and so much more to pursue!



#3 Brynn Newborn

Katie Corcoran's knowledge of the game, heart and quiet confidence anchored her as a fixture in the Pursuit lineup. She held strong position and saw passing opportunities. Katie took on opponent challenges with strength and ease.

Calm and cool, Amaya Yarrish was a big play maker for Pursuit. She had a knack for being in the mix of things & involved in each play. Amaya was intense & aggressive on the ball, creating passing opportunities.

Tiny but mighty, Roz Mikulak is proof that spunk comes in small sizes! Roz used her reception skills and speed to run the ball offensively for Pursuit. She was aggressive and always on attack, racing past the opposition with her quickness.

Roz Maciejewski showed power and strength in the backfield for Pursuit. She hammered out some essential turf-opening drives transitioning Pursuit to attack. Her vision and quick stickwork got things in motion for the team.

Claire was a stick work standout. Left to right and everywhere in between her hustle made things happen for Pursuit. Aggressive and agile she directed offensive advances.

#14 Katie Gunuskey

Goalkeeper & Defender

Pursuit in Action at Philly Cup

Klayre Yarrish was a poised member of the Pursuit team. She thinks through plays, shows great form and works hard on the turf. Her athletic ability matched with her winning mentality was a win in the lineup for Pursuit.

Forward & Midfielder

​We make history.

#23 Katie Corcoran

#9 Klayre Yarrish

Razzle-dazzle on the forward line, Katie Gunuskey gave a few lessons on stickwork to the opposition. With a sensational spin move, Katie carried the ball upfield for Pursuit and distributed to her teammates beautifully.

#2 Jillian Hoey

#1 Claire Campen

#10 Roz Maciejewski

#7 Amaya Yarrish

Making her goalkeeping debut with style, Sarah Gallagher protected the Pursuit posts in Philadelphia. She powered some strong clears, transitioning us to offense quickly. Sarah's focus and fire were amazing!


The versatile Brynn Newborn could play with ease anywhere in the lineup for Pursuit. Her down-low, sneaky defensive stick made the opponent struggle to advance. She tirelessly pressured the ball.

#16 Roz Mikulak

Jillian Hoey was fire on the forward line. Her get-the-ball-and-go mentality fueled offensive play in the middle of the field. She played with great heart and hustle.

Forward, Midfielder & Defender


Pursuit Field Hockey, LLC 

Midfielder & Defender