Pursuit Programs

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All programs include a highly focused curriculum designed for each unique age range, player evaluations, at-home challenges and a comfortable & positive learning environment. 

U6 - U8

Meet the Stick & Ball, Foundation Skill Development, Basic 4v4 & 5v5 Game Play, Focus on Fun & Fundamentals. 

Our philosophy:

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Established 2015

Pursuit's Hierarchy: 

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U14 - U16 - U19

Drill of advanced techniques, field strategy and scrimmage based attacking & defending principles. Individual Training. College Skill Videos.


Open League available upon interest.

​​     Every athlete is in pursuit of something different. Whether it be skill development, belonging to a team, staying fit, discovering a new hobby, fine-tuning your play, game strategy or performing at the next level, Pursuit Field Hockey recognizes those aspects in female athletes and is set on helping our athletes pursue something great on the field hockey field, whatever that means to you. We want to help you pursue the best field hockey player within you.

     In this pursuit, we aim to educate and introduce the game of field hockey to our youth with a balance of basic skill acquisition and fun, so that they are motivated to continue growing with the sport. For our middle school athletes, we hope to provide you with opportunities to improve your skill foundation and challenge your offensive and defensive tactics to create confidence along with being the player you wish to be in high school. For our high school and “older” crowd, play will be focused on drilling advanced techniques and scrimmage-based education.

     All age groups will experience a super-positive training environment, practices that pay attention to detail and diversity, structured game competition, a highly qualified coaching staff, progress monitoring and attention to each individual athlete, where they feel apart of the team and that their contribution is important. 

In hopes of your pursuit,

Coach Becca & Coach Grace


Develop consistency & implementation of skill base, beginning strategy in 6v6 & 7v7 game play, offense & defense specialization. 

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