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If you have any further questions on the registration process, please email PursuitFieldHockey@gmail.com


     During each program, it is our mission that each Pursuit Member will continue their path of individual growth, as we maintain a small coach-to-athlete ratio, detailed and ongoing player evaluations, and individual benchmarks with incentives. As we offer unique and changing curriculums at different parts of the year to maximize and promote player  growth through our skill hierarchy; each session and program flows into the next.

     All Pursuit field hockey players must obtain a current / up-to-date  USA Field Hockey Membership. This membership covers each participant with insurance, as Pursuit is a USA Field Hockey registered club. This membership also covers the athlete for an entire year, and does not need to be renewed for each Pursuit program throughout the duration of the year it was issued. You can find the link on our Registration Page.

     All Pursuit athletes are expected to have essential equipment to play (e.g. outdoor field hockey stick, shin guards, mouth guard and sneakers/turf shoes). If your daughter is new to the game, and does not have field hockey equipment, our Links Page offers assistance in gaining appropriate equipment.

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