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This introductory level focuses on an athletic stance, correct stick grip and the forehand dribble. Foundational elements for every level of field hockey.



Athlete is developing skills and showing knowledge of skills introduced during Pursuit Instructional and Game –Play time.


Athlete is currently being introduced to a skill, beginning a skill, and using a skill during Pursuit Instructional and Game –Play time.




Pursuits Shoelace Program

Some of the focused skills at each benchmark age,

but certainly not limited to...

As young players grow, they begin to put the ball on the move, evolving into novice game play. This benchmark encourages our beginners to master the reverse stick dribble/catch, forehand trapping, push passing, and defensive positioning.

Welcome to Junior High Level Field Hockey. Players at this benchmark will focus on skills that will make them effective team players not just individually skilled specialists. Aerials, reverse sweep, corner defense, 3-D dribbling, deflections1-time passes and defensive press

This benchmark transitions to the high school game fine-tuning splinter skills of the game for specific game situations. Focal skills include corner stick stopping, corner insert, shaving, 3-D elements and defending 3-D elements.

Where will your laces take you?




Gold w/ Sparkles


White w/

Red Stars



Step Up.

 Athlete has secured skilled during all Pursuit Instructional and Game-Play times. 

This pre-junior high level preps players for school play by focusing on benchmark skills that require as much thought as they do repetition. Flicking, driving, reverse tackling, double teaming, jabbing, and scanning build our beginning players into intermediate thinkers and threats on the field.

Pursuit's Score Descriptors:

This "golden" level is our highest benchmark as it advances the high school player into an extreme threat with elite release skills including the  forehand chip, reverse chip and reverse drive. Field play is amplified with the most advanced body & stick fakes as well as dynamic receiving. Athletes are College Ready upon mastery of this benchmark.

As you lace up to take part in your Pursuit, please keep in mind that each athlete advances at her own personal rate. Every Pursuit is unique in their goals, personality, training time and athletic ability. Laces are awarded upon "Pursuit Perfection" marks in each category at each benchmark. Athletes must complete the benchmark prior in order to receive the next level laces. Athletes entering or continuing at each age range who have not achieved their laces, will still have the opportunity to achieve them, as skills are reviewed and retaught for retention at each level of play. Players who are advanced in skill, compared to age will be challenged at upper benchmark levels when deemed appropriate. Players who need more foundation skill work or may be playing at a level below their age range in the Pursuit Shoelace Hierarchy will still be challenged in order to gain those prerequisite skills. The comprehensive report card given to each athlete will reflect progress throughout their Pursuit and inform them of skills they need to improve upon to attain the next benchmark. It's a tool meant to inform, motivate and help our athletes be the best field hockey players that they can be. It's also meant to unify our program and be an outward sign of hard work and determination that each Pursuit athlete can relate to and admire in one another. Your Pursuit is important to us and that's why we will be there for you each step of the way. Pursuing the best you is our main goal.

This is an exciting benchmark in an athletes evolving career as they begin to develop style and personality. Specific stick skills are being taught and implemented for players to use creatively in game play. Block tackling, spinning, sweeping, channeling/mirroring, and slapping highlight this level of play.

Suit Up. 

     The copyrighted, Shoelace Program was adopted into the Pursuit Philosophy as an extrinsic way to show some of the successes our hard-working ladies conduct during their time with us and our programs. As each student leaves a program, they receive an individual report card based upon the Pursuit Benchmark Skill Hierarchy. These skills, to us, are important in order to advance to the next level of their individual goals. The individual athlete's report card will continue to be a running record for them as they continue through our programs. Once the skills in each individual hierarchy level are mastered, the appropriate shoelaces will be awarded! It's a skill-based incentive program to motivate and unite Pursuit Athletes on their field hockey quests. ​

Lace Up.



Suit Up. Lace Up. Step Up.