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It’s Never Too Early, or Late, to Start Playing Field Hockey:

When should you start playing field hockey? That’s a question asked all too often. One should begin or start playing whenever you want to begin learning! If you are young when that happens, fantastic. If you are just about to graduate, then that is fine too. Even if you want to learn as an adult, you can. It is never too late to start playing.

However, this is not a post on it never being too late to start playing;  it is about how it is never too early to start learning. So while this is going to focus on young players, do not be discouraged. You can just as easily play – and be good – if you start learning later...

Field Hockey Players Start Early
It is commonly thought that if you want to plan in college, you almost have to start playing early. By the time you are a freshman in high school, you are already at the point where you want to start making contact with recruiters. But in order to be ready to start connecting with colleges, you have to actually be good enough to stand out to the recruiters. Which means you have to start playing way before that.

Even before a child is old enough to actually play field hockey, they can start learning. Even a baby can begin gaining an appreciation from the sport by watching with their parents when a game is on TV or even a live game.

By the time the child is old enough to start taking lessons, he or she will hopefully already have a love of the sport and at least a basic understanding of the rules and skills needed in order to play.

Even before the child is old enough to start playing on teams, they can begin to start taking lessons. If their parents know enough about the sport, this can be simple lessons in the back yard with a few friendly drills.

Later, the child may be able to go to a camp or get a trainer in order to intensify the lessons and really focus on learning and developing as a player. Field hockey camps allow players as early as eight-years-old to join and play.

Just remember, the important thing is to make it fun. If it is not fun, then your child will not want to play.


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