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"Coach Becca was one of the best all around coaches I have ever had. She most definitely has the knowledge of the game and goes above and beyond as a coach, but she also has passion, dedication, creativity, and really cares for her players. When I think of an elite coach it is more than just teaching the skills and fundamentals of the game. It is having dedication, knowing how to motivate your players, and challenging them to be better everyday. It is also showing the players the beauty of teamwork and bonding with the team. Coach Becca most definitely exemplifies all of these qualities and I consider her an elite coach. I am not just saying this because I played for her, and she was my high school coach. I am saying this because without Coach Becca I wouldn't be where I am today continuing my field hockey career in college. She definitely has made a positive impact on my life and playing for her will be the most fun and memorable times of your life."                       - Desi Mack; Former Hornet, current ESU Field Hockey All-American Player

Pursuit came in my daughters life at a much needed time. It has not only brought her the enjoyment of loving a great sport and helping her grow into a better athlete and person. It also brought her the support and love from the “Pursuit families”. It has given her bonds with friends that she will always have. I can’t thank Pursuit enough for all it has given to her and I! - Pursuit Parent

"I’ve been with Pursuit since the program started, and I’ve really enjoyed seeing my personal growth as a field hockey player, along with the growth of the program. - Kylie Ferro, Pursuit

The overall program is great for my daughter. She thoroughly enjoys herself practicing field hockey and looks up the the coaches.         ~ Father of a young Pursuit Member

“Coach Becca is one of the best coaches anyone could have. She demonstrates passion and dedication in what she does, and passes her knowledge and love of the game on to others. She believes in her players, and trains them to believe in themselves. She teaches to set goals, and to work hard to achieve them. She works endlessly for the joy of seeing how much her players have grown and improved. She is the type of coach players hope for!”

                        ~ Stacey Hart; Former Hornet, Kutztown Alumni Field Hockey Player

     My daughter plays on Pursuit's u14 team. We travel with the program during the winter season. My family commutes an 1 hr and 15 minutes to be a part of Pursuit's amazing program and has done so for the past few years. The dedication and one-on-one coaching styles that coach Becca and Grace have are hard to come by and worth every minute in the car.  Each year Pursuit continues to grow and achieve succeses that are priceless! Nothing can top watching your child and her amazing teammates (friends) medal as u14 NIT champs! 
     We are proud to be part of an amazing field hockey family and are already looking forward next season! Thank you Coach Becca, Coach Grace, and the Pursuit players for all that you have done to make Brynn into the player she is today and continues to develop into!
     All in all out, let's see what this Pursuit is all about!

                                       - Brynn and Newborn Family

Thank you for providing the opportunity for our girls....we are just starting on our journey and your organization has made it a positive experience right from the beginning. Looking forward to watching my daughter continue to grow in the sport.       - Pursuit Parent

Thank you so much for a great season. Ally is absolutely loving field hockey (she took her stick and ball with her on vacation and was practicing on the lawn by the resort--too cute ). It is awesome to see my timid mouse gain some confidence and go for it!    - Shannon Muir; mother of Pursuit Member.

"Why?! Cause the girls love the game & are challenged & rewarded!"

- Pursuit Dad

“Year after year, the wonderful Pursuit coaches make learning the sport of field hockey fun. They take an individualized approach with each girl, helping her to hone her skills. Jocelyn has enjoyed practices and working with the coaches to improve her game!" - Melanie Hnath

"I can say that I wouldn't be where I am today, playing field hockey on a collegiate level, if it weren't for Coach Becca. She taught me (in herself) determination, grace and talent. Her faith in me was one that I hadn't ever experienced from any other coach and I can honestly say she is hands down one of the best coaches I have ever known. What an opportunity I have had to be able to learn from one of the best!"                 ~ Baily Martin; Former Hornet, FH Player at LUI Post.

Absolutely love Pursuit Field Hockey. My daughters have learned more in 4 weeks than in an entire year. The coaches are knowledgeable and impressive with their skills and attention to each player. - Dana Bondarenko-O’Grady, daughters just joined Pursuit!

“My why? The coaches, teammates, fun ON & OFF the court!” - Pursuit Player 

"Coach Becca is someone who took me into her program with open arms my freshman year. I am so grateful for the skills, knowledge, dedication and work ethic she has taught me. I'm so thankful she welcomed me to a part of hornet hockey and all the valuable things I've learned from her that will help me the rest of my high school career."

"Coach Grace has trained me in the off season and has worked on aspects to help improve my game, strength, speed, agility and conditioning. She pushes me to become a better player everyday.  I'm thankful Grace takes the time to work with me and is making me become a stronger and more disciplined person and field hockey player."

                      ~ Alyssa Watson; current Quinnipiac University athlete

Jillian is having a BLAST with your program! Such a great thing to offer this area! It's a well organized, fantastic program! Can't say enough praise and we have told everyone we can about it! Thanks again!          ~ Sara Hoey; Mother of a Pursuit Member

In reference to An Open Letter to the Best Coach I Ever Had:

"Coach Becca, all of this is so spot on. You are hands down the best coach I have ever had & i just want to say thanks for everything...I figured I would share this to Pursuit Field Hockey's page because you would see it and I can imagine that I am not the only girl that would share this to you!"

                                                                                         - Shiann Potter; former Hornet

"Girls had such a great time! They can't stop talking about it. Thanks for offering such a great program!"            - Pursuit Parent

“At first, I didn’t understand what the big hype about field hockey was. Then Coach Becca asked if I could try being a goalie. I was nervous, but once Coach Mickey started helping me, I felt a rush of excitement. I started actually playing during the scrimmages and felt even better. Thanks to Coaches Mickey, Becca, and Grace, I am in love with the game and want to continue with the sport forever. I am so grateful to all the coaches for giving me the opportunity to pursue field hockey, as a keeper." - Jordan Patzyk, Pursuit

"Coach Becca always has her players' best interests at heart and I believe that is why we all respond so well to her. She motivated me and pushed me to follow my dreams. She is a huge part of why I developed the skills and confidence to play at my dream school, American University."

                                                                                          - Megan Benson; former Hornet, American University Field Hockey Player